At home online competitions

We’ve got new ways for you to reach your full problem-solving potential!

Our best-known competitions are now in a format that you can do at home! You can sit them with no 'competition' pressure and enjoy the process. It's completely separate from the official competition rounds but you’ll receive a competition certificate with a raw score.

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AMC Reloaded


Tackle the same problems as the Australian Maths Competition 2020 but online, with no pressure. You're only competing against yourself so you can sit online, any time, in any setting, as it’s completely separate from the official AMC.

You’ll receive a digital participation certificate with a raw score.

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CAT Reloaded


Challenge yourself with the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking competition content but sit online in your own time. CAT Reloaded offers unique three stage tasks that encourage you to develop informal algorithms and apply them to test data of increasing size or complexity. CAT Reloaded is not a part of the official competition but gives you an opportunity to test your skills in a more relaxed setting.

You’ll receive a digital participation certificate with a raw score.

In-school competitions and programs

Our core passion is finding new and stimulating ways to help young Australians - like you - become creative problem solvers! And we believe that enjoying the challenge of maths is the most effective way to get them there.

We run heaps of maths-based competitions and programs in schools, so if you're interested, ask your teacher about how you can participate.

All competitions and programs

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Kangourou Sans Frontières

March 2021 / Competition / Open

An online maths competition for years 3 to 12 available only to schools also competing in the AMC.  

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Australian Maths Competition

July 2021 / Competition / Open

Australia’s largest school-based mathematics competitions. With an online or paper version, it’s an engaging 30-problem competition, open to students in years 3 to 12.

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Maths Challenge

March-June 2021 / Program / Open

A fun problem-solving program for students in years 3 to 10, designed to extend their maths skills. Interesting problems are presented in a staged approach to encourage critical thinking. Taken individually or as a small group, Challenge runs over three to four consecutive weeks between March and June.

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Maths Enrichment

April-September 2021 / Program / Open

An extension program that offers course work and problems to develop new concepts and skills. Designed for students from years 4 to 10 over seven different stages. Enrichment can be run flexibily over 12 to 16 weeks between April and September.

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Computational and Algorithmic Thinking

March 2021 / Competition / Open

A competition for years 5 to 12 which incorporates unique three stage tasks that encourage students to develop informal algorithms and apply them to test data of increasing size or complexity. The CAT is run by teachers in schools (online or paper) and aims to identify coding potential.

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Oxford University Computing Challenge

May 2021 / Competition / Open & selection

A two-round competition with the first round being open to all students who have competed in the CAT, and the second round being an invitational for the top 20 students in each division from the first round. The OUCC builds on the principles used in the CAT competition and helps students develop their skills further to produce programmed solutions to computational thinking problems.

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Australian Informatics Olympiad

August 2021 / Competition / Open

A national computer programming competition held in term 3. Students write short computer programs to solve problems that vary in difficulty. The competition does not test computer literacy or knowledge, but is focused on problem solving through programming skills.

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Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad

September 2021 / Competition / Open

Also known as the ‘AIMO’, this four-hour exam is for talented students up to year 10. It is appropriate for those who have completed the Gauss or Noether Enrichment stage, high achievers in the AMC, and students who have acquired knowledge of Olympiad-level problem solving.

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Curious Minds

Starting December 2020 / Program / Invitational

Curious Minds is a six-month invitational program that combines two residential camps and a mentoring program, for girls in years 8–10 who are interested in STEM. Students are invited based on their performance in the AMC and CAT, as well as the Big Science Competition. The program also targets girls who are disadvantaged, rural/remote and/or Indigenous.